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The therapist is very knowledgeable in colon health; the premises are very clean and comfortable. I have had great success with my treatments and believe it is very beneficial to my overall health. Helen


After a major operation I developed stomach pains, back pain and sleepless nights. After undergoing medial investigations to identify any associated issues I then developed severe constipation which added to my health issues. After a series of colonic hydrotherapy treatments I am happy to report that many of the symptoms I was experiencing have been relieved. I am now sleeping more soundly, have improved bowel function, no more lower back pain or abdominal or stomach pain. Colon hydrotherapy has been extremely beneficial. The therapist is very professional and makes you feel at ease with the procedure. Heather F

Mornington Peninsula

Being able to go to the toilet every day without the aid of laxatives has changed my life and improved my health! For many years I have relied on laxatives to evacuate my bowels, since undergoing a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments I no longer, rely on laxatives, feel less bloated, have improved skin condition and have more energy. I was a bit freaked out by the whole colon hydrotherapy treatment thing but the therapist (Raewynn) made it easy for me, she is gentle, professional and explains everything right down to the waste coming through the tube. Colon hydrotherapy has changed my life and improved my health. Kel

Mt Eliza

Colon hydrotherapy really is one of life’s best healers. Since having these treatments my general health has improved so much. My stomach is not so bloated, I am not overeating as much, I have so much more energy and my head is much cleaner. To have this treatment on a regular monthly basis would be a wonderful benefit for our body. Marlene K


This has been the best experience to free myself of years of niggling and sharp abdominal pain.
Who ever says that the procedure is “shit” and a scam and a waste of money really should try it before mouthing off.

Years ago in hospitals it was performed but was too time consuming,….now, have some chemicals and dehydrate and feel sick. I know what I prefer after suffering IBS, GORD and colonoscopies. Straight after the first procedure my lower abdominal pain was gone. I have been around 7 times now and go back whenever the pain returns or when bloating is annoying. After the procedure,-No it doesn’t hurt, I feel light, healthy and fit.

I am a 40 year old male and though it is a bit embarrassing first time I think to what it’s like being a female and all the things that they go through and then I am not shy or scared.

Try it if you’re being pushed by a doctor for a colonoscopy,…you will feel better and it’s cheaper too.



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