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About Raewynn

Your local colon hydrotherapy specialist

Raewynn Black is the owner of Peninsula Colon Health and is passionate about assisting you to improve your health through colon cleansing and detoxing.

Suffering from my own bowel issues as a child, my mother turned to natural therapies to improve my health and it is for this reason that I have always turned to natural therapies for the treatment of my family and gone on to develop a career in this area.

It was whilst I was living in the UK that I embarked on deepening my knowledge and experience through studying nutritional healing. Through this work I became to understand the importance of the bowel and in 2012 trained in colon hydrotherapy with Australian Colon Health. I have recently completed the Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy Training.

I opened Peninsula Colon Health in 2013 and have assisted many people improve and restore their health through Colon Hydrotherapy.

Having now worked with hundreds of people I am amazed by the amount of waste we accumulate in our bodies and are unable to evacuate through our normal processes.

Often many people turn to colon hydrotherapy because it is the last resort after following other forms of treatment. The fact is, other treatments are more effective if the bowel is cleansed first.

As Dr Walker says in his book, colon health:

“You can eat the very best of food but if the bowel is not cleansed it will not make the slightest bit of difference”.

I have recently installed an Infrared sauna into the clinic because I believe that colon hydrotherapy and detoxing through sauna therapy go hand in hand and have a very powerful effect on improving and restoring your health. Many people are now choosing to have a sauna before their colonic treatment and this is proving to be extremely beneficial in detoxing the body of accumulated waste.